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Essential Tools Module Reference Guide
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Module:  Essential Tools Module   Group:  Miscellaneous Classes

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#include <rw/rwerr.h>
RWxmsg x("exception message");


This class is the base class for the hierarchy of exceptions in the Essential Tools Module. (See also Section, "RWxmsg," in the Essential Tools Module User's Guide.) Although we document the entire class here, your code usually should not create or directly throw RWxmsg objects. Instead, you should expect to write code that may catch an RWxmsg or one of its derived classes. Essential Tools Module classes that need to report exceptional circumstances will call RWTHROW(RWxmsg&). RWTHROW will throw the RWxmsg if exceptions are enabled. Otherwise, RWTHROW will call an appropriate current Essential Tools Module error handler function (see Section 10.3, "Error Reporting and Error Handling," in the Essential Tools Module User's Guide

RWxmsg provides a basic interface for exceptions, from which an exception string is always available. This exception string is obtained through the why method, and is represented as a const char*, single-byte character sequence.



Public Constructors

RWxmsg(const char*msg);
RWxmsg(const RWMessage& rwmsg);
RWxmsg(const RWxmsg&);

Protected Constructor

RWxmsg(const char* msg, bool doCopy);

Public Member Functions

const char*
why() const;

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