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Secure Communication Module User's Guide
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1.3 Module-Specific Software Requirements

The Secure Sockets package requires:

The HTTPS package requires:

For a complete discussion of software requirements, compatibility, dependencies, and 3rd-party software use, see Section 1.5, "Software Requirements," in the Introduction to SourcePro C++.

1.3.1 Cryptographic Library Dependency

The Secure Sockets package depends on third-party software for encrypting and decrypting messages. The supported package(s) for this release are:

1.3.2 Installing the Packages

Before using the Secure Sockets and HTTPS packages, you must install them and the software they depend on, in the following order:

  1. Install and build one of the cryptographic libraries listed in the previous section.

  2. Install SourcePro Core, the Networking package of SourcePro Net, and the Secure Sockets and HTTPS packages, using RCB.

For more information, see the manuals Installing and Building Your SourcePro C++ Products and Rogue Wave Component Builder (RCB): Building Your Applications.

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