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Secure Communication Module User's Guide
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2.2 The Secure Sockets Package

The Secure Sockets package of the Secure Communication Module provides a C++ interface to the SSL/TLS protocols implemented by the Open SSL libraries. The architecture of the Secure Sockets package is patterned after the Networking package (Rogue Wave Essential Networking Module), which consists of a foundation plus three architectural layers:

Classes in the Secure Sockets package inherit from and reuse classes in the Networking package. For example, the RWSecureSocket class, which creates and closes a secure socket, is a part of the Communication Adapters Layer of the Networking package. All encryption and decryption occurs in this layer. Other classes in the Secure Sockets package take advantage of the Portal Layer and the Communication Services Layer by inheriting from the appropriate classes in the Networking package. For more information, see the Essential Networking Module User's Guide.

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