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Secure Communication Module User's Guide
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5.13 Security Issues

You can use the functions RWSecureSocket::setShutdownMode() and RWSecureSocketContext::setShutdownMode() to set the shutdown mode to quiet. This mode instructs the SSL/TLS protocol to ignore CloseNotify messages that are sent by conforming SSL/TLS implementations at the end of a secure session. These functions enable interoperability with many SSL/TLS implementations. Unfortunately, using the quiet shutdown mode compromises security.

For example, the period at the end of the following sentence tells you that the sentence is complete:

The CloseNotify message is equivalent to the period. If your application instructs the SSL/TLS protocol to ignore CloseNotify messages, an attacker could block the second part of the message, and your application would never know it. This type of attack is known as a truncation attack.

For more information about security, see SSL and TLS - Designing and Building Secure Systems, by Eric Rescorla, referenced in Appendix B.

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