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Secure Communication Module User's Guide
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5.8 Mixing Calls to the Secure Sockets Package with Calls to the Cryptographic Library

The Secure Sockets package enables your application to access data structures of the cryptographic library through the getRep() method. The following table lists the classes that include getRep(), along with the corresponding data structure. For more information, see the SourcePro C++ API Reference Guide.

Class Name Underlying Type
RWAsymmetricKey EVP_PKEY*
RWX509Certificate X509*
RWSecureSocketContext SSL_CTX*
RWSecureSocket SSL*
RWSecureSocketSession SSL_SESSION*
RWSecureSocketMethod SSL_METHOD* (automatic conversion)

To access the SSL* structure underlying an RWSecureSocketPortal, you can do either of the following:

When using the pointers returned by getRep(), you must consider the lifetimes of the objects in the Secure Sockets package. When one of these objects goes out of scope and is destroyed, the pointer is no longer valid. Be sure that these objects do not go out of scope while your application holds a low-level pointer.

Classes RWSecureSocketPortal, RWSecureSocketContext, RWAsymmetricKey, RWX509Certificate, and RWSecureSocketSession are all implemented using the handle-body idiom. This means that their representations are reference-counted. They are destroyed when all handles referring to their representations are destroyed.

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