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Secure Communication Module User's Guide
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6.1 Introduction

The HTTPS package is a group of C++ classes that implement the HTTPS protocol for secure communication on the Internet. The package depends on the HTTP and Secure Sockets packages of Rogue Wave SourcePro Net. Basically, the HTTPS protocol is the HTTP protocol over an SSL/TLS secure socket. You can do anything with an HTTPS connection that you can do with a normal HTTP connection.

If you have ever purchased something through the Internet, your Web browser probably used the HTTPS protocol. All major Web browsers and servers support HTTPS. When the lock icon appears in your browser window, it shows that the browser has switched from HTTP to HTTPS and that the Web page was sent using a secure connection. When the lock icon disappears, it shows that the browser has switched back to HTTP.

For information about the HTTP, SSL/TLS, and HTTPS protocols, see the Internet Engineering Task Force RFCs listed in Appendix B.

6.1.1 Classes in the HTTPS package

This package includes the following classes:

These classes are described in detail in the SourcePro C++ API Reference Guide.

6.1.2 Header Files

The rw\https directory contains a header file for each class. The header file names have the form classname.h. For example, the header file for RWHttpsSecureSocketClient is RWHttpsSecureSocketClient.h.

You can also use the umbrella header file https.h, which includes the header files for all classes in the HTTPS package.

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