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Secure Communication Module User's Guide
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A.1 Functions That Do Not Appear in the Secure Sockets Package

The following RWSocket functions do not appear in RWSecureSocket. They are not needed by secure sockets:

RWNetBuf recvfrom(RWSockAddr *addr=0, int flags=0) const;
int recvfrom(char *buf, int len, RWSockAddr *addr=0, int flags=0, RWNetBuf::State* state=0) const;
int recvmsg(msghdr *msg, int flags=0, RWNetBuf::State* s=0) const;
int sendto(const RWCString& buf, const RWSockAddrBase& to, int flags=0) const;
int sendto(const char *buf, int len, const RWSockAddrBase& to, int flags=0) const;
int sendmsg(msghdr *msg, int flags=0) const;
void shutdownread() const;
void shutdownwrite() const;
void socket(const RWSockType& type);

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