Remote Server Support

Remote Server Support allows you to transparently access your remote server and remote resources. This provides an easy way to upload and download files from your remote server, as well as allowing you to develop your code in one environment, while in parallel executing it in a different environment. In addition, you can create and manage connections to your FTP and SSH remote systems through Remote Server Support. This will allow you to work on projects locally while keeping them updated on your remote server.

After setting the transfer mode, you can develop and work with your project as you normally do. Your project will be uploaded or downloaded to/from the remote server according to the properties you have set in the Automatic Upload Support Properties page. While developing, your changes can be uploaded to the remote server by the chosen method to facilitate running your code on a different environment for development and testing purposes.

To learn how to use Remote Server Support see Working with Remote Server Support.


Remote Server Support can be used with the existing Eclipse version control (CVS or SVN), or another version control you are using. For more information on built-in Eclipse version control options see the Subversive User Guide, or the Team CVS tutorial topic in the Workbench User Guide.