Release Notes

Rogue Wave JViews 2017.1 (9.1)


This document describes the main changes that have been made to JViews since version 9.0.

1         General changes

·         JViews libraries are now compatible with Java 9 but are still compiled to Java 7.

·         JViews Eclipse components can be used in the last Eclipe version (Eclipe Oxygen.2 - 4.7.2)

·         On Windows, the installer might have problem selecting a JDK (vs. a JRE) due to a bug in launch4j. However, if javac is available in the PATH or via JAVA_HOME, the installation completes without a problem.


2         Modules changes

·         Framework release notes

·         Charts release notes

·         Gantt release notes

·         Diagrammer release notes

·         Maps release notes

·         Maps for defense release notes

·         TGO release notes